Skin care tips

Skincare gives you a face that makes everyone you meet envy you. You might be thinking that skin care tips are expensive, but you are mistaken. A daily skincare routine and healthy eating habits make a whole difference. It does not require huge amounts to implement skin care tips; consistency is key. If you are young with glowing skin, let it be known to you that your aging days are coming. Start taking care of your skin as early as now. If you already old with bad skin, good skin care will help you hide your real age. Read on to get some tips on skin care.

Say no to excessive alcohol drinking and smoking

alcoholIt is okay to have a glass of wine from time to time, but excessive drinking affects your skin in a bad way. Cigarettes and alcohol contain toxins which are dangerous for the skin. Smokers face premature aging. Smokers get wrinkles at a very early age. Alcoholics get wrinkles and blotchy skin early as well.

Use protection

Excess exposure to the sun gives your skin wrinkles and makes it appear more akin. To prevent the effects of UV lights, apply moisturizes with inbuilt sunscreens. During summer when the sun is a lot, make sure to apply your sunscreen before moving out of the house. You will look younger, and your skin will be protected from deadly skin cancers from direct UV lights.


This is again is very important to healthy skin. Your favorite beverage should be water, not coffee or sodas. For beautiful skin, drink water throughout the day. Failure to take enough water makes you dehydrated. Water flushes out body toxins and keeps your skin healthy controlling your weight.

Enough sleep

sleepLack of sleep shows on your skin. It affects your general health as well. If you are tired, you will not be as productive, take a day and call it a rest. Sleep keeps you away from stress and helps your skin rejuvenate during the sleep.


Exercise brings nutrients and blood to the surface of the skin. Sweating removes impurities hence a smooth skin. After workout makes sure to get a good shower. This way your pores will not be clogged by sweat. Clogged pores result in rashes and outbreaks. If you follow the tips above, you will get a skin to envy irrespective of your age.